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April 13, 2017

Dear Prospective Client:

Thank you for writing to me through my contact page. I provide payroll service for California small businesses.

If you expressed an interest in our affordable FCC Payroll Service, I will reply as soon as possible. We always welcome new payroll customers!

If you are looking for help with income tax preparation, however, I regret to say that I am no longer taking new income tax clients. However, I invite you to contact Enrolled Agent Pat Michael of RPM & Associates at 619-589-8680.

Pat Michael's wife was once a child care provider, so working with daycare providers has been a specialty of his for many years. Pat is located in La Mesa, California and works with clients from all over.

Thank you for contacting me and good luck to you!


P.S. Please don't let distance be an issue when selecting a tax preparer, so long as the preparer is a good communicator.


Last updated 13 April 2017

Posted on 2010-09-20 23:02:03